Wednesday, July 30, 2008

mellow weather

I made this mix as an ode to heartache and longing... Winter 2004.


Everest - Ani DiFranco
Fly - Nick Drake
Pale Blue Eyes - The Velvet Underground
Say Yes - Elliott Smith
How To Fight Loneliness - Wilco
Lost Cause - Beck
Amy - Ryan Adams
Northern Sky - Nick Drake
Lullabye - Emitt Rhodes
Simple Twist of Fate - Bob Dylan
Time Will Tell - Bob Marley
I Found A Reason - The Velvet Underground
These Days - Nico
Fake Plastic Trees - Radiohead
I Didn't Understand - Elliott Smith
Hello Sunshine - Super Furry Animals

(if player is not working please try refreshing the page)


the joker said...

its been raining and gloomy in denver for the last 2 days straight...ive listened to this a couple of times and its been perfect...thanks!

Kernsie said...

Got the link from PT (I guess it is good for something once in a while). Great mix.


Damo said...

Loving your mixtapes, especially this one. There's something so atmospheric about this kind of music on a mellow weather day. You should check out Pacific UV, they have some pretty good rainy day/mellow music too.

Will definitely be adding your blog to my blogroll :). Keep up the good work!

Pedram said...

superb mix

fogey said...

Wow! Stunning mix! Any chane that this could be available for d/l?

Meg said...

If you have any questions about the mix please email me:

fourTweezy said...

I always listen to Pale Blue Eyes when it's gloomy and rainy. good choice