Sunday, March 20, 2011

Spotlight On Cactus

The Lost Art of the Mixtape is happy to introduce our newest guest mixer Eric from The Fresh Avocado... "Seeing that Mike and his band are lighting it up onstage these days, I thought it an opportune time to dust off an old mix I made back in 2004. It was originally made to trade and share with other fans at the debacle that we know as Coventry. As fate would have it, I was actually able to personally give Mike a copy of this mix when he stopped his golf cart next to me in the concert field... From bluegrass to Jewish songs to straight dirty cow funk, these disks showcase some of the best stuff that Mike brings to the band we know as Phish. Enjoy"... 2004.


Set 1:

Sneakin' Sally Through The Alley (12/30/97 MSG)
Ya Mar (11/27/98 Worcester, MA)
Ginseng Sullivan (12/31/93 Worcester, MA)
Mound (3/31/93 Portland, OR)
Moma Dance (9/17/00 Merriweather Post)
Weigh (3/1/97 Germany)
Scent of A Mule (6/11/94 Red Rocks)
Wolfman's Brother (12/1/03 Albany, NY)
I'm So Tired (10/31/94 Glen Falls, NY)
Yirushalayim Shel Zachav -> (7/8/94 Great Woods)
Avenu Malkenu (4/18/92 Palo Alto, CA)
Uncle Pen (2/20/97 Milan, Italy)

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Set 2:

Destiny Unbound (9/22/90 UMass Amherst)
Ghost (11/17/97 Denver, CO)
My Mind's Got A Mind of It's Own (12/7/97 Dayton, OH)
Train Song (11/20/98 Hampton, VA)
Round Room (2/28/03 Nassau Coliseum)
Mike's Song->
Old Home Place->
Weekapaug Groove (4/3/98 Nassau Coliseum)
E: Contact (1/3/03 Hampton, VA)

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