Monday, October 11, 2010

Memory Street Destruct

The Lost Art of the Mixtape is happy to introduce our newest guest mixer Alex... "I made this mix recently with the thought of catching all of the songs that have recently bubbled up into heavy rotation in one place before they slip back into my increasingly obtuse iTunes library. Most of them are newer tracks but some of them are older...there is really no continuity, I just like the way they compliment each other. I guess I like listening to it while the seasons change and new challenges present themselves"... September 2010.


Comin' Through - The War On Drugs
Day Glo - Brazos
Loose Change - The Morning Benders
Sleep Forever - Crocodiles
In My Eyes - Givers
A Flag In The Court - Thee Oh Sees
Revival - Deerhunter
Bright Lit Blue Skies - Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti
Don't Change - INXS
Golden Haze - Wild Nothing
Groove Is In The Heart - Crocodiles
Beast In Peace - Bear In Heaven
Photojournalist - Small Black
Sunday Afternoon - The Black Angels
Desire Lines - Deerhunter
Strangers - The Kinks

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