Saturday, June 19, 2010

Saturday | June

This mix is a journey through my music collection... it was made purely from free association of what I wanted to listen to in the moment. There was no plan about how I crafted it or where I wanted it to go. This is a new style for me and I'm hoping to turn it into a series... June 2010.


Once I Loved - Astrud Gilberto
Them Never Love Poor Marcus - Mighty Diamonds
Oriental Shuffle - Django Reinhardt
Let My Love Open The Door - Pete Townshend
Drifting - Trey Anastasio
Adagio Molto E Cantabile - Ludwig Van Beethoven
Tiny Apocalypse - David Byrne
Let Me Go - Cake
Requiem (Lose My Number) - Olospo
Celestial Showers - João Donato
Eminence Front - The Who
Nantes - Beirut
Every Planet We Reach Is Dead - Gorillaz

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Anonymous said...

very good! a true mix