Friday, January 22, 2010


The Lost Art of the Mixtape is happy to introduce our newest guest mixer Chumpo... "i had just been introduced to DJ Qbert and was more then a little overwhelmed with how awesome his scratching was. i couldn't believe the sounds Qbert was making with records and a drum machine. at about that same time i was turned onto live beastie boys recordings, and i already loved the hell outa the beasties, the live shit was crazy fun to listen to. i took DJ Qbert + Beastie Boys and made bbert"... 1999.


Quote - DJ Qbert
A Year And A Day - Beastie Boys
Groove With The Color - DJ Qbert
Shake Your Rump - Beastie Boys
Doing It In The Park - DJ Qbert
Shadrach - Beastie Boys
Break On The Break - DJ Qbert
Sabrosa - Beastie Boys
Last Night Changed It All - DJ Qbert
The Sounds Of Science - Beastie Boys
Hook And Swing - DJ Qbert
Root Down - Beastie Boys
Car Thief - Beastie Boys
Graffiti Is The Application Of Medium To A Surface - DJ Qbert
Alright Hear This - Beastie Boys
Spider Man - DJ Qbert
Egg Man - Beastie Boys
Rocky's Fed Up - DJ Qbert
Flute Lupe - Beastie Boys
You Can't Scratch This Itch - DJ Qbert
Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun - Beastie Boys
The Shigger Fraggar Show - DJ Qbert

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