Wednesday, February 25, 2009

NuRave Selections #1

The Lost Art of the Mixtape is happy to introduce our newest guest mixer, magicgravy, and his new rave music highlights. February 2009.


I Know Kung Fu - Shit Disco
Disco Blood - Shit Disco
Good Stuff - Clor
Keep Falling - Hot Chip
I Used to Dance with My Daddy - Datarock
Fa-Fa-Fa - Datarock
And I Was a Boy From School - Hot Chip
Over And Over (Naum Gabo Remix) - Hot Chip
Tribulations - LCD Soundsystem
Yeah (Crass Version) - LCD Soundsystem

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1 comment:

magicgravy said...

Here are some videos for the songs on the mix:

Datarock: Fa Fa Fa
Data Rock - Fa Fa Fa Live

Hot Chip: Over and Over
Hot Chip - Over and Over